Corporate - Lunch & Dinner

Ruby Menu

Menu Set

3 Salads, 8 Main Dishes, 3 Desserts, Beverages ★★★★★


Mixed Pepper with Chicken Salad

Savory Chicken Salad

Freshly Cut Slice Cucumber & Tomato Platter 

Fresh Salad

Mexican Corn Salad

a creamy counterpoint to the Esquites

Main Course

Beef Pepper Masala

Black Pepper Beef Gravy South Indian Style with spices, garlic, and chiles

Sauteed Vegetable Medley

freshly cut steamed veg glazed in butter

Vegetable Bhaji

In this Indian dry curry, potatoes, cauliflower, carrots and peas are fried and flavored with spices, garlic, and chiles

Grilled Chicken with peri peri sauce

Spicy Chicken Grilled to Perfection

Roasted Potato with lime & Garlic

hese flavorful potatoes are roasted to perfection with fragrant herbs and zesty lime

Fish in Oyster Sauce

Delicious, easy, and fast pan-cooked fish with oyster sauce that can be served over warm rice and a vegetable of your choice

Pasta with Tomato & Cream Sauce

The cream not only smooths out the sharpness of the tomatoes but also creates a velvety sauce that coats the pasta perfectly

Risipisi with Chicken

Rice & Peas with Chicken


Butter Scotch Gateuax

Butterscotch Cake has moist brown sugar cake layers filled with thick butterscotch sauce

Fruit Trifle

layers of vanilla pudding, fresh whipped cream, fruit, and soft angel food cake

Fresh Fruit

Variety of Fruits


Mineral Water

Bottled Water

Juice Packet

Fruit Juice

Soft Drinks

Variety of Fizzy Drinks



BetweenMVR 187 - MVR 198Per Guest.
Minimum Order: 30 Guests